Lifting Straps Harbinger

At some point in time, athletes may find that grip strength becomes a limiting factor with some exercises like Deadlifts, Rows or Hang Power Cleans.

To put this simply it means that their legs and back can handle heavy weights but they train with lighter loads because the barbell or dumbell slips out of their hands.   Then along comes the Lifting Strap – a training aid that helps grip and helps improve overall strength development.  

How do you use Lifting Straps?

Place one strap on each hand and put the loop around your wrist. Wrap the loose end around the barbell or dumbell.  The lifting strap will create a connection between your hands and the bar and the grip will be stronger than the strength in your fingers.  It is important to always make sure that the loop is positioned around your wrist so that the end of the strap extends across the palm of your hand so that you start wrapping the strap around the bar by looping it underneath the bar and not over the top of it.

Unless your ultimate goal is to increase and develop your grip strength, you never want to be lifting weights that are too heavy and stand the risk of dropping the weights and possibly resulting in an injury.  


What are the best straps for Lifting?

Harbinger Lifting Straps are designed to  increase your grip strength without compromising any feel for the bar.  This will give you better traction while working out, helping you lift more weight as you perform pull-ups, seated rows, and other upper body exercises.

The Harbinger range of Lifting Straps are a  must for lifters trying to develop strength or add bulk, the straps offer 20 percent more gripping area than typical straps.


Lifting Straps – What you need to know